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12000W fiber laser cutting machine

Since 1977,HGFARLEY devoted to research laser technology. And the newest 12000Wfiber laser cutting machine delivers improvements in functionality andperformance

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Since 1977,HG FARLEY devoted to researchlaser technology. And the newest 12000W fiber laser cutting machine deliversimprovements in functionality and performance as detailed below:

l  Achievecutting 1200holes per minute which means 21 holes per second.

l  Raycuslaser source with 5 years warranty

l  Suitablefor metal sheet of different material and thickness

l  Lowrunning and maintenance costs

Model Marvel12000-3015 Marvel12000-4022 Marvel12000-6022
Processing area(mm) 3000×1500 4000x2200 6000x2200
Laser power 12000w 12000w 12000w
Acceleration 1.5G 1.5G 1.5G
X-axis Stroke 3100mm 4064mm 6080mm
Y-axis Stroke 1525mm 2225mm 2225mm
Z-axis Stroke 140mm 140mm 275mm
Max Loading capacity 1400Kg 2800Kg 4000Kg
Machine total weight 8500 Kg 12000Kg 17400Kg