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DF High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The DF high power laser cutting systems have an edge on competitors. It offers high flexibility, easy materials handing and high accuracy for faster, more profitable parts. DF series lasers utilize a gantry structure with precision dual rack& pinion drives and AC servo motors providing customers with a high precision, fast and reliable machine. It is mainly used in thin sheet cutting.

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Exclusive Performance Features

●  Expert database allows for quick changes over between jobs, minimizing operator interactions, by automatically setting cutting parameters through the CNC
●   Jumping mode to enhance cutting effectiveness
●   Capacitive height control in quick response
●   Re-trace mode allowing for the cutting process control when cutting errors occur
●   Dynamic corning control allowing for automatic adjustment of power and gases for better cutting performance in corners and tight contours 
●   Adjustable slope function to improve laser piercing quality
●   Cutting compensation function for line & circle cutting
●   Fly-piercing function with non-stop cutting which greatly improves the cutting efficiency  for thin plates
●   Automatic plate edge detecting function for faster setup

Laser head    
●   Quick-change lenses are standard, with easily adjustable focal lengths.

Transfer Table    
Self-cleaning Nozzle
Latest generation control
Handhold operator for easy operation
Cantiliver Loading/Unloading System with Plate Tower    


ModelDF 3015DF 4020DF 6022
X Stroke3048 mm4048 mm6096 mm
Y Stroke1524 mm2024 mm2200 mm
Z Stroke150 mm150 mm150 mm
Positioning Accuracy± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Repeatability Accuracy± 0.025 mm± 0.025 mm± 0.025 mm
Positioning Speed150 m/min (single)120 m/min (single)120 m/min (single)
210 m/min (linkage)180 m/min (linkage)180 m/min (linkage)
Acceleration2 G2 G2 G
Fiber Laser Source Power1 – 2 KW1 – 2 KW1 – 2 KW
Thickness of Cutting Board MS≤ 16 mm≤ 16 mm≤ 16 mm
Thickness of Cutting Board SS≤ 8 mm≤ 8 mm≤ 8 mm
Exchangeable WorktableBearing720 kg1200 kg1500 kg
Exchanging Period8 seconds12 seconds30 seconds