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GF3015/4020 Plus Series Laser Cutting Machine Technical Proposal

The GF3015/4020 Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is using IPG or Raycus Fiber Laser as its laser source, which provides users with powerful cutting capability and efficiency. At the same time, with the adoption of master-level Bochu as its CNC control system, and nesting software. GF3015/4020 Plus is taken as an advanced CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with integration of reliable stability, high precision, high power, excellent performance and faster speed.

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The GF3015/4020 Plus lasercutting machine by Farley Laserlab adopts Gantry structure and rack &pinion driven system (both sides), with advantages of reliable stability, highrigidity and faster speed. The positioning speed can be up to 80m/min.

The beam of GF3015/4020Plus is using Aluminum with advantages of light weight and fast dynamicresponse. The gears, rail, rack & pinion and other transmission componentsare all from international well-known brands. The overall Gantry structure aswell as rack& pinion driven system ensures machine's high positioningspeed, fast dynamic response and excellent stability.

Farley Laserlab usesadvanced FSCUT CypCut CNC controller hardware as machine's controller hardwareand uses industrial field bus Profibus communication to control laser source,console, hand control units and related components. It has advantages of lesswires, low failure rate and easy maintenance. This controller is featured withstrong anti-interference ability, no computer virus and high stability. 

It has the following advantages:

l  User-friendly interface with built-in Englishoperating system, greatly enhanced operation efficiency.

l  AC servo motor and drive: a combination ofreliability, quick response and free of maintenance.

l  Fast-response surface followingl  Easy-operated cutting-retraction

l  Straight line/circular arc interpolation fittingand kerf compensation

l  USB and broadband interface available for datacommunicationl  High stability

l  CNC system for complex tasks

l  High performance and flexibility, especially forhigh-speed cutting 

The control system consistsof numerical control systems, PLC and control cabinet.etc. 

Machine Model GF3015 Plus GF4020 Plus
Cutting Area (L×W) 3000mm×1500mm 4000mm×2000mm
Laser Type & Power Fiber & (500/700/1000/1500/2000W) Fiber & (500/700/1000/1500/2000W)
Laser Wavelength 1070nm ±10nm 1070nm ±10nm
Servo Motor YASKAWA(JAPAN) (X axis 1.3Kw, Y axis 1.8Kw, Z axis 0.4Kw, ) YASKAWA(JAPAN) (X axis 1.3Kw, Y axis 1.8Kw, Z axis 0.4Kw, )
Laser Cutting Head Raytools (125mm) Raytools (125mm)
Display 24” Industry LCD with Monitor 24” Industry LCD with Monitor
Max Moving Speed 80 m/min, Acceleration is 1.0 g 80 m/min, Acceleration is 1.0 g
Position Accuracy 0.03mm 0.03mm
Reposition Accuracy 0.02mm 0.02mm
Stroke X-axis 3050mm 3050mm
Y-axis 1530mm 1530mm
Z-axis 140mm 140mm
Motion Structure X and Y axis Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
Z-axis Ball screw Ball screw
Power Supply Requirement 380V 50/60Hz 50A 380V 50/60Hz 50A
Max loading (KG) 800 KG 1200 KG
Appearance size 8100mm×2832mm×1750mm 10300mm×3384mm×1750mm