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High-precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

LCC0321 high precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, small heat affected zone, beautiful and firm slits and low running cost, and is an advanced flexible processing tools for processing high quality products.

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LCC0321 high precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine which uses marble gantry structure, linear motor platform to ensure high-speed high-precision machine running, excellent cutting performance makes it widely used in ceramic cutting, ceramic lineation and other high precision requirements of the industry cutting marking processing technology.

1. Marble gantry structure, linear motor platform, to achieve high-speed, efficient operation, effectively improving production efficiency;
2. Machine optical path is the fixed optical path, the external optical path maintenance-free, a small amount of consumables of wearing parts;
3. CCD visual positioning, real-time monitoring of micro-processing process;
4. Professional laser cutting software, with a graphical layout and sharp angle smoothing function, achieving high-speed drilling and marking function;
5. Integrated structural design, compact overall layout, and reasonable, small floor space.

This equipment is applied in ceramic, acrylic board, advertising decoration and crafts gift cutting.

Equipment modelLCC0321
Nominal average output powerAccording to specific configuration
Laser wavelength9.3μm & 10.6μm
Pulse repetition frequency20~80 kHz
Average power stability10%rms
Cutting area (optional)400*400 (Standard)300*300 Optional
Cutting slit width0.1—0.2 mm
Z-axis adjustment range0-100mm
Z-axis adjustment accuracy0.02mm
Positioning accuracyConfiguration of linear motor: ± 0.004mm, configuration of lead screw: ± 0.02mm
Repeat positioning accuracyConfiguration of linear motor: ±0.002mmconfiguration of lead screw:±0.01mm
Cooling methodWater cooling
Blowing air pressure0.5-2Mpa
Machine Tool structureMarble platform
External optical path systemFixed optical path
Maximum speed60m/min
Maximum acceleration1G
Graphic format supportedDXFCAD etc.
Working environment10-35°, 10% humidity 95%, no condensation
Protective coverFully enclosed safety outer cover
Power supply systemThree-phase five-wire system,AC380V/50HZ/8KW
Dust collectorSingle phase 220V/750W
Machine total weight1200kg (net weight), 1250kg (including packaging)
Equipment appearance dimensions1365mm×1160mm×1750mm