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High- precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

LCF0120  High-precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for a variety of sheet metal, micro-precision metal processing, Aluminum alloy micromachining, sapphire, ceramic and other thin sheet material for laser cutting, drilling and scribing and other processing, used in the IT industry, automotive, LED, precision machinery industry etc.

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LCF0120 High-precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine which uses marble gantry structure and high-precision linear motor platform to ensure high-speed high-precision stable operation of machine, by using the United States DELTA TAU company's high-performance motion control card and excellent cutting performance makes it widely used in precision machinery hardware , Microelectronics and other precision requirements of the industry cutting marking processing technology.

1. Marble gantry structure, high-precision linear motor platform, to achieve high-speed and efficient operation, effectively improving production efficiency;
2. Complete machine optical path is optical fiber transmission, external optical maintenance-free, a small amount of consumables of wearing parts;
3. CCD visual positioning function, simplify the processing technology;
4. Professional laser cutting software, with a graphical layout and sharp angle smoothing function, achieving high-speed drilling and marking function;
5. Integrated structural design, compact overall layout, and reasonable, small floor space;
6. Mainly used in precision and high-speed cutting of thin metal materials.

This  machine is applied in mobile phones, watches and wearable equipment sapphire cover plate cutting etc.

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