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SuperCut High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The SuperCut high power laser cutting systems offers smooth cutting surface, high accuracy, perfect squareness and easy materials handing. SuperCut series lasers utilize a gantry structure with precision dual rack& pinion drives and AC servo motors providing customers with high precision, fast and reliable performance. It  has diversified sheet choice for metal processing.

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With advanced laser technology and concept of machine tool design, SuperCut laser cutting machine has updated the basic configuration, including laser source and cutting head, has solved the problems of cutting quality of super-thick stainless steel and aluminium alloy and adhering slag . 


● Bright surface Cutting
Smooth cutting surface, high accuracy, perfect squareness
● Diversified Sheet Choice
Standard cutting mode and SuperCut Mode
● Intelligent Cutting System 
Auto-controlling and auto-focusing cutting gas
●  Auto-Loading & Unloading System 


● Max. Power Supply: 8000W
● Thickness of Cutting : ≥30mm 
● Cutting Speed: 60m/m for 1mm sheet metal 
● High-speed Perforation: diversified high-speed perforation technology
● Back-off Function: back-off to along the original route
● Nozzle Cleaning: auto-nozzle cleaning 
● Sheet Metal Nesting and Typesetting
● Auto-Line Tracking: auto calculating angle between sheet metal and machine tool coordinate 
● Handheld Unit: Self-invented handheld unit, convenient for technology parameter adjustment 
● Cutting gas controlling: Advanced integrated high pressure proportional valve 

Professional Configuration

●  High Efficient Cutting Head: optimized optics stability to ensure maximum production efficiency
●  Professional Controlling System: SIMENS 840D controlling system and configurated driving motor 
●  Humanization Design: Fully-covered for safety and convenience 

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SuperCut laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, automobile manufacture, gym equipment, smart furniture, home appliance, aeronautical and space, ships and etc. 

DF 6022
X Stroke
6096 mm
Y Stroke
2200 mm
Z Stroke
150 mm
Positioning Accuracy
± 0.05 mm
Repeatability Accuracy
± 0.025 mm
Positioning Speed
150 m/min (single)
210 m/min (linkage)
2 G
Fiber Laser Source Power
1 – 2 KW
Thickness of Cutting Board MS
≤ 16 mm
Thickness of Cutting Board SS
≤ 8 mm
Exchangeable Worktable
Exchanging Period