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Electrical Maintenance of Laser Welding & Cutting Machine

2014-04-23 Back to list

Maintenance Purpose

As a precision electrical equipment, the laser welding machine must work in safe and reliable electrical environment, for fear of device damage and personal injury.

Tools Required

Multimeter × 1
Internal hexagonal wrench × 1
High pressure air gun × 1
Waterproof insulating tape × 1
Clean cotton cloth × 1
Some lubricating oil

Maintenance Rules

1. Before maintenance, positive and negative voltages of energy storage tank capacitance drop below 5V;

2. Check the third party ground connection of power module to ensure personal safety of operators;

3. Check each wire for connectivity, any problem please reconnect so as to avoid abnormal operation;

4. Check wire and cable for damage, any problem please replace in time so as to avoid fire or electric shock.

Maintenance Items

1.  Dust removal of equipment appearance.
Wipe equipment enclosures and dust with clean cotton cloth.

2.  Dust removal of power supply.
Open the laser power supply rear cover. Blow dust with high pressure air gun. Check screws tight or not, and connectors loose or not. Open the worktable shell.

3.  Lubrication of workable.
Add some lubricating oil rotors on worktable guideway.