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Maintenance of LSF Fiber Laser Marking Machine

2014-04-23 Back to list

1.Clean F-θ lens protective glass regularly, use clean cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe in one direction;


2.Check fan operation regularly, replace the abnormal fans;


3.Clean mouse and keyboard regularly;


4.Clean laser fan and wind tunnel dust regularly. When power outage, use air gun to clean air flue every week;


5.Check the auxiliary gas pressure carefully before starting the machine every day. If gas pressure is not enough, check the pipeline leak or not;


6.Check buttons and indicator lights for damage;


7.Check focus lens for stained before processing;


8.Check lift device position for shift before processing;


9.Check software parameters setting for variation before processing;


10.After daily work, shut down the machine and turn off the power according to the shutdown steps;


11.Clean waste materials and work site in time after work, keep the work site neat and clean.