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Maintenance of Welding Equipment Cooling System

2014-04-23 Back to list

Maintenance Purpose

Laser device will produce large amount of heat when it runs. If not discharge the heat in time, the laser device will not work properly because of the high temperature, or even cause damage to the internal components. In addition, the cooling circulation water contains trace minerals, dust and other impurities. If not clear in time, these impurities will block the cooling system and laser device thus affecting welding effects, even burning out the optical devices. Therefore, maintenance of cooling system is crucial to normal operation of laser equipment.

Tools Required

Multimeter × 1
Internal hexagonal wrench × 1
High pressure air gun × 1
Thermoscope × 1
Clean cotton cloth × 1
Conventional cross wrench × 1
Diluted hydrochloric acid 35%
Waterproof insulating tape × 1

Maintenance Rules

1.Check if the ventilator is in normal condition, if has strange noise, overheating phenomenon or not;

2.Check if the water pump has strange noise while running, measure if the surface temperature exceed 80ºC;

3.Check the water level of water tank. Close device, shut off power supply, open the right side door of device, observe if the level of water tank is normal or not;

4.Check if the tank cover is sealed or not;

5.Check if the tube is sealed, and no liquid leakage;

6.Clean the water tank and replace the circulating water. Close device, shut off power supply, open the right side door of device, unplug the bottom sub, discharge the water, and clean the tank wall and tank bottom. Then plug the bottom sub, fill the water tank with clean water about three quarters height, fix the tank cover, tighten the water cover;

7.Replace the filter element. Our machines are all equipped with 3 spare filters, if use up, please buy new filters (Specification: 10inch/10μm folding filter).