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Maintenance and Replacement of Xenon Lamp

2014-04-23 Back to list

Maintenance Rules

Laser welding machine users or maintenance personnel must follow the maintenance methods strictly to replace xenon lamp. Specific steps are as followings:

Step one: Quit welding system, turn the air switch and key switch successively to “OFF”, disconnect external power supply. When the positive and negative voltages of energy storage tank capacitance drop below 5V, then open the upper cover of the case;

Step two: Remove the insulating plastics nuts and locking screws, take out two electric chucks according to the arrow direction, as shown in Figure 1;

Figure 1

Step three: Open the screws of pump cavity both ends, remove the xenon lamp from one side of the arrow direction, as shown in Figure 2. If the adhesion between lamp and cavity is too tight, add a few drops of acetone or alcohol around the rubber seal ring. Be careful in pulling out the xenon lamp in order to avoid tube broken.

Figure 2

Step four: Insert the new xenon lamp lightly, install the sealing ring and junk ring, ensure the tight end and middle position of xenon lamp;

Step five: Set the electric chucks in both ends, lock the fixed screws in both ends, screw on the insulating plastics nuts;

Step six: Open the cooling circulating water, check if the joint of tube and pump cavity are leaking or not, if not leaking, turn on laser power supply;

Step seven: Wear protective glasses, readjust the laser light path to normal.