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Maintenance of LSF Series Fiber Marking Machine

2014-04-23 Back to list

Check the equipment according to daily maintenance content before operation.

Please stop the machine immediately to check the equipment if found any unusual sound during operation.

Shut down the machine through correct procedure after operation.

Placing nonessential items on equipment workbench or operating platform is not allowed.

Clean equipment workbench and working site.
1. Check if the air pipe is damaged or not every day, if damaged, please inform our technical staffs to repair;

2. Clean the air vents and filter net dust every day;

3. Check focus lens pollution every day, clean optics lens in time to guarantee the service life;

4. Check the reflector path once a month, because the reflector path will influence processing effect (operated by professionals or certified professionals);

5. Check if the external cables are scratched or not, and the line interface in distribution cabinet is loose or not;

6. After half a year's running, readjust the equipment level to guarantee the equipment marking precision.