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Maintenance of Laser Welding & Cutting Machine Optics Lens

2014-04-23 Back to list

Laser welding machine users or maintenance personnel must follow the maintenance methods strictly. Specific steps are as followings:

Step one: Wear respirator and rubber gloves (or finger gloves), choose a dustless place to clean lens;

Step two: Take half piece of lens wiping paper, drop a little 99.5% pure alcohol in the center, as shown in Figure 1;

Figure 1


Step three: Take the lens with your fingertips, fingertipsshould not higher than lens surface, as shown in Figure 2;

Figure 2

Step four: Put the wiping paper on the lens, pull the paper to and fro slightly. When the wiping paper absorbed on the lens completely, pull paper towards a direction, as shown in Figure 3. While pulling, other non-alcoholic parts of the wiping paper can absorb the remaining alcohol. Do not remain any alcohol on the lens, which will cause alcohol spot;

Figure 3

Step five: Observe the lens in bright place, check if it is clean or not. If not, change another new lens wiping paper, and repeat above steps (lens wiping paper shall not be used for a second time).