Recently, Gwangju TV station of Korea write the title as Chinas Optic Valley Develop" />

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HGLaser General Manager Min Dayong is interviewed by Gwangju TV station of Korea

2009-12-01 977 Back to list
䫔Ķ align="left">Recently, Gwangju TV station of Korea write the title as Chinas Optic Valley Development and Establishment and interview HG-Techs vice-president, HGLasers President and General Manager Mr. Min Dayong.


The visiting of Gwangju TV Station is aim to know the HGLaser strategic position of development in China Optics Valley, the company production, R&D developing direction, the achievement of HG-Tech in energy laser and information laser industrialization.Gwangju TV Station hope Korean could extensive and accurate understand China Optical Valley through TV media.


It is reported, the fifth largest city of Korea-Gwangju becomes the friendly exchange and cooperation city with Wuhan in 2007.  Gwangju as Korean car, photoelectricity and digital electrical home appliances industry base, it own SAMSUNG, DAWOO etc. world-class enterprise. Wuhan, as the modern base of manufacturing industry of our country, is the important photoelectron industry city too, there is a close and extensive connection with Gwangju in industries such as the car, photoelectricity, etc.. Relevant interview materials will be made one reflect two city photoelectric industry documentary film of development course media show in South Korean.