Recently, the high-edgedFARLEY LASERLAB Contour LM6020 manufactured" />

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World’s Widest Linear Motion Laser Processing Machine Export to Egypt

2010-02-27 1079 Back to list
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Recently, the high-edged FARLEY LASERLAB Contour LM6020 manufactured by HG-LASER is accepted by World Famous Company in Egypt. The Contour LM 6020 is the world’s widest Maglev (Linear Motion) Laser Processing Machine so far to date.


HG-LASER is persisting on the field of laser cutting and welding technology. In the rest half year of 2009, the company adjusted its strategy immediately to expand business in both domestic and global market under the background of global economics recovering. With FARLEY LASERLAB’ s brand influences in the market , continuous self-innovation and historical sediment in laser welding and cutting technology, the company launched types of “Super Press Jack “ laser cutting and welding machines who has won the bidding of many key enterprises in prime industries . This machine is a high-end order processed by way of international competitive bidding (ICB).


Contour LM6020 CNC laser cutting machine is a unique Linear Motion product around the world with one-time processing area of 2m by 6m. Besides, the machine achieved many breaking trough technical progress on aspects of CNC control Technology, beam delivery technique for wide-area laser machinery and special material processing which award many patents of utility model. The product meets strictly with the international market demands in concept of design, quality inspection, safety protection and presumed to possess prominent competitive advantages on the global market.


The client is said to be influential in the region and has high requirements in machinery’s cutting speed, accuracy and dimension. FARLEY LASERLAB’s Contour LM6020 successfully passed clients final acceptance is a sign of its expansion on international market. FARLEY·LASERLAB the brand entered China with a history more than 30 years is still shining on global market with its worldwide known glamour.