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The significant advances of high level laser equipment in automotive industry application

2011-07-22 1391 Back to list
䫴Ķ>The two big projects undertaken by HG-Farley Laserlab succesfully passed the technology achievements authentication by Hubei Science and Technology Bureau on May 15, one is the automotive body in white and car roof laser welding complete equipment, the other is car air bag panel laser weakening equipment.


As the first automotive body in white laser welding complete equipment, this project has been successfully applicated in fully equipped welding production line in Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company Ltd. Its welding speed reaches at 4.8m/min, which is 30% faster than the other similar equipment in speed over the world, but 40% lower than the similar production line in cost. That breaks the US and European monopoly and fills the domestic gap, and also promotes the national brand automotive industry to integrate with the international advanced level. Additionally, the development of laser weakening technology is the revolutionary transformation in solving the trouble of precision, functionality, and security in the progress of automobile airbag.


It is a landmark that HG-Farley Laserlab’s two big projects sucessfully passed the achievements authentication for entering into high-level automotive industry market. Furthermore, it shows our strong ability of technology innovation.