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How Farley Laserlab ensures the rigidity and dynamic response of the wide beam laser cutting machine

2011-09-27 Back to list

Farley Laserlab W series laser cutting machine adopts steel dual-beam structure with large cross-section to achieve high rigidity、stability、high acceleration and satisfied dynamic response.

The dual-beam structure is also taken as the box-frame structure by welding together the top beam body and dual –side support structures.  For this beam structure, Farley ensures its high rigidity、flexibility、good dynamic response under fast moving and high control accuracy by considering its overall support layout and simplified welding process in design.

In summary, the beam structure achieves its high rigidity and flexibility by reasonable and optimized design in welding together the steel bodies Thus the laser cutting head can ensure the high processing accuracy based on the above mentioned high rigidity、stability、and good dynamic response under fast moving.