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How Farley Laserlab achieves equal quality laser cutting on super wide plate

2011-09-29 Back to list

Farley Laserlab WALC series is specially designed for laser cutting on super sized plate by adopting the dual-rack gantry beam structure. The machine features are as following:

●    Laser source is integrated with beam to achieve moving together

●    Dual –side rack-and-pinion synchronous driving system

●    Three axis moving simultaneously

●     Six motors driving

The cutting width can up to 5M, the cutting length can up to more than 30M, with the adoption of Flying Optics technology and Aplanatic technology, the WALC series realizes the equal quality laser cutting on super sized plate.

How WALC series can achieve the equal quality laser cutting on 5M * 30M plate?

1. Aplanatic Technology

Farley Laserlab has world-advanced technology in designing the laser cutting machine for cutting on super sized plate.  The adoption of unique Aplanatic ensures the constant laser optical transmission distant, thus the laser beam quality is the same in any position so as to achieve the equal quality laser cutting in any position.

2. The Automatic Compensation Technology

X-axis direction is used Farley unique design of light rail. The linear guide is configured with German imports of precision helical. All system is adopting Siemens servo-motor with reliability and easy maintenance. Meanwhile, Farley unique beam is with automatic compensation mechanism of bilateral driven core technology. It makes the beam and through the body between the bed under the action of a variety of factors in the occurrence of the dislocation between the movement and drive change. It has being automatically compensated, can overcome the problem which the actual installation is absolute not parallelism. (Patent No.: ZL 2008 2 0191016.5).

Double cross beams are through finite element analysis and carrying lasers. They smoothly move in the X-axis direction. So path length at any point of X-axis direction in the laser optical is fixed and consistent. In theory, X-axis direction can be infinitely long.

3、Control Technology of Laser Source

WALC laser cutting machine configurate standardly with ROFIN's DC040 laser generator, the divergence angle is only 1.5mrad, even if in the case of that the span is 5 meters , the laser beam doesn’t travel more than 3 meters (laser beam fixed in the middle), in the Y-axis direction, when the laser beam reach to each cutting point ,the spot size is consistant. If adopt fast flow laser source(F4000), Y-axis installed synchronization aplanatic structure to ensure that laser beam quality is consistent while the laser cutting head run to any position. Therefore, WALC have the same cutting processing quality in whole area .

WALC super wide laser cutting machine is a very competitive equipment with reasonably sophisticated design and excellent performance, which gained wide recognition and popularity upon it launching in the market. In the bidding of the international well-known enterprises  Sany , Farley Laserlab defeated many foreign competitors with its absolute advantage , creating the largest one-time purchase contracts of laser equipment in China. Currently, Farley Laserlab super wide laser cutting machines are used by Chinese biggest construction machinery companies, such as SANY, ZOOMLION, XCMG etc. Meanwhile, WALC super wide laser cutting machine benefits from National Key Technology R&D Program Plan of china, it has been passed in rigorous review by multi-disciplinary experts which organized by the state in 2009 , it's world's leading technology advantages is being continuously recognized by users around the world