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HGTech - Leader of Establishment of National Laser Industry Alliance

2012-12-27 1028 Back to list
圜Ķ>On 22nd, Dec, National Laser Industry Alliance ( NLIA), which is composed of 42 enterprises and institutions , including Wuhan HuaGong Tech  Co.,Ltd. , Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,Sany Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. And HuaZhong University of Science & Technology , was established.  Secretary of HGTech Party Committee was recommended as the chairman of Alliance.


NLIA has accomplished numbers of research projects and organized a lot of science plans . " Industrial Laser Source & Equipment Key Technology Research ", supported by " The 11th Five-year Plan ", has been accepted by Chinese Technology Department. It's considered by the Chinese Technology Department as the key to technology advancement of laser source & equipment in China and as the best way to get rid of being dependent on overseas laser equipments , technology and intellectual property.


Otherwise, 4KW Fiber Laser Source , co-developed by HGLaser , Raycus and HUST, was accepted by Science & Technology Department of Hubei Province and made HGLaser and Raycus become the 3rd enterprise acknowledging the advanced technology after IPG and Rofin. What's more, Laser Processing National Project Research Center , co-built by HGTech and HUST, has become the connection between " China Optic Valley " and " International Science Industry " .


During the next phrase of work, all the members will make great breakthrough in the key technology area , integrate all resources to promote laser industry and will form industrial cluster in laser industry. 

Ceremony of National Laser Industry Allience