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High Class Full-Automatic CNC Laser Tube Cutting Production Line is Launched

2013-06-18 709 Back to list

Recently, the Farley Laserlab has launched Full-Automatic high-class laser tube cutting production line in Shanghai-Essen Show, this product integrates the automatic feeding system, multi-tube automatic detection and sorting system, automatic clamping identification system, high speed cutting processing system, automatic material unloading system, safety protection and air purification system and etc, improve the level of flexibility of the machine, in order to meet the different needs of customers.


Pipe and rectangular pipe can be fully automated feeding,without human operation. Deformed pipes can be artificial semi-automatic feeding.


Chuck is able to self-adjust the focus, according to the material size automatically adjust the clamping force, ensure clamp the thin tube without any damage.


Controller has the function of automatic measurement and calculation of cutting tube length, optimization of cutting sequence and maximization of the pipe utilization.


Corner fast response,greatly improve the cutting efficiency.Capacitor inductive cutting head to ensure the cutting quality and avoid the damage from tube.


Equipped with advanced dust exhaust system,ensure the environment clean and tidy.


After cutting the workpiece can be unloaded automatically in different areas





Processing Range


Standard Material


Automatic feeding Pipe length


Feeding stand bearing


Cutting length


CNC Axis No.



Siemens 840D

Laser Source


Max.Positioning Speed of Rotation Axis

540 degree /s

Pipe welding Seam recognition function (optional)

Positioning Cutting line according to the position of welding Seam