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HGLASER Contributes to China Aerospace Industry

2013-12-05 Back to list

On December 2, 2013, the successful launch of Chang 'e 3 has attracted worldwide attention. Chang 'e 3 will be the first to realize lunar soft landing and moon tour of investigation. This is not only another big progress in the history of mankind, but also the new milestone in China's space industry. As one of the largest laser equipment manufacturer in China, HGLASER contributes to "Chang’e Project” and plays an important role in China’s space industry.

In 2010, HGLASER invented the first UV laser device in China, which was applied to the processing of Chang 'e 2 related parts. Due to HGLASER’s leading technology and superior quality products, HGLASER’s products were successfully applied to "Chang 'e 3 project” again. This represents HGLASER’s technical strength in laser manufacturing field.

HGLASER UV laser device

It is known that UV laser device has many advantages in laser processing, such as processing small parts due to its short wavelength and small heat affected zone, and processing materials which some infrared and visible light laser machine cannot process. UV laser device has become the fastest growing part in industrial laser market, due to wide application in the field of laser processing, such as biological engineering, material preparation, all-optical device processing, PCB and semiconductor industry.

In recent years, HGLASER focuses on developing products of different power levels. 1-10 watts UV laser device has reached the international advanced level, and was applied widely to serve to many manufacturing companies. Now UV laser machine has become an important sector of laser business in HGLASER.

“From 2007, we focused on finding the top experts on ultraviolet laser device around the world.” said MinDaYong, the General Manager of HGLASER. “In China, there is a chock point to break through in researching UV laser device, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is not enough, just 3% - 5%, that is to say, 100 watts of electricity just produce only 3-5 watts of UV light. It is hard to industrialize due to the high energy cost, so China’s UV laser devices rely on imports for a long term.”

By accident, Min DaYong knew Dr. Xu Jinlin, his fellow villager. At that time, Dr Xu has developed about 30 kinds of advanced UV laser device in US. In 2008, Min Dayong went to US and had a meeting with Dr. Xu. “We didn’t talk about the treatment.” Min DaYong said. “We talked about China laser industry, and how to break through the technical chock point.” “I was attracted by the company’s mind of ‘industry serve to country’.We have the same idea.” Xu Jinlin recalled about the meeting. “In US, most Chinese want to go back China but they cannot find the proper chance to contribute to China industry.”

After knowing HGLASER’s complete laser photoelectric industry sector and professional R&D team, Dr Xu Jinlin came back to China in June, 2009.And in April, 2010, the first UV laser device was invented by HGLASER.

At the beginning of 2011, HGLASER showed 3-5w UV laser devices, which was researched and developed independently, on Electronics Show in Western United States. In March, HGLASER showed these products on Munich Laser Show in Shanghai. Since then, HGLASER listened to customers’ feedback, and optimized, improved products. Nowadays, HGLASER UV laser device’s repair rate is only 3%, and 1-10 watts UV laser device reached the international advanced level. HGLASER’s products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea by sales growth of 60% each year.

In recent years, HGLASER has made a breakthrough in the key technology field by introducing overseas high-level talents. HGLASER industrialize the fiber laser and UV laser devices, which relied on imports and just stay in laboratory level, and become the Top3 in the world in a very short time.