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Laser Fights with Space Junk

2014-04-09 253 Back to list

Since October 1957, the first Sputnik was launched to space, increasing satellites have been sent into space. The manned spacecrafts have returned to the Earth, however, other man-made objects are moving around the Earth. With the accomplishment of mission, those metals have been left in space and become the space junk. According to the computer analog image, the Earth is surrounded by all kinds of space junk. Therefore, how to clean up space junk has become the focus of the study.

Space junk around the Earth

Space Junk Around the Earth

How Laser Cleans Space Junk

Recently, a group of Australian scientists are researching how to send a laser from the Earth to decompose the space junk so as to prevent the satellite hitting. The dean of Australian National University Astronomy and Astrophysics Institute, says that the project is very likely to become a real possibility, and the related equipments may operate within 10 years. With laser emitting, the movement of space junk slows down and falls into the atmosphere finally. Currently, the methods of recycling space junk are almost to slow down the junk first and then let the junk fall into the atmosphere. So that the space junk will be burning in the process of falling, won’t cause much impact to the ground.

Space junk Has Impact on Human

Not only in outer space, people’s life and environment have also been influenced by the space junk gradually. Because of the speed reduction effect of the Earth's upper atmosphere, the parts of space debris will fall into the earth's atmosphere each year. It is obvious that the space junk has an impact on human, so the laser technology to remove space junk will benefit humanity.

Wide Application of Laser

With the rapid development of science and technology, humans have learned to help themselves with all kinds of new technologies. The application of laser is a significant example. In recent years, laser has been widely used in many industries, such as auto industry, electronics industry, solar industry, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, aerospace industry, etc.

Photo from automobile lamp laser welding of HGLASER

Photo from Automobile Lamp laser Welding of HGLASER

Application in military aircraft components laser cutting

Application in Military Aircraft Components Laser Cutting