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Laser Marking Machine Applied in Medical Industry

2014-04-11 197 Back to list

Laser marking machine is not applied to electronic industry, hardware industry, automobile industry and other conventional industries. It is also widely applied in pharmaceuticals industry and medical equipment industry.

Advantages of Laser Marking in Medical Field

Laser marking has been widely used in medical field for many years, there are two main advantages of this technology---durability and reliability.


Laser marking is local irradiation in substances with high energy laser beam to make it evaporate rapidly and color change by physical or chemical reaction. With the method of computer cartography, laser processing can make all kinds of graphics and wordings, which are standardized, attractive and durable. These markers are permanent and hard to remove. 


The classic application of medical laser marking is marking on stainless steel surgical and dental equipments. Those markers are easy to read. And above all, it is marking on absolute smooth surface so as to avoid bacterial adhesion on the surface. 

Photo above Shows the Medicine Box Surface Marking of HGLASER

Laser marking technology in medical industry has become increasingly important. On account of the new technology, sensitive materials and other factors of medical industry, laser marking technology can’t stop moving forward. Only by continuous improvement and development, can laser marking technology make a contribution to medical industry. 

Solution from HGLASER

As the leader of laser industry, HGLASER try to promote the application of laser marking machine in industries and provide the full range of solutions. 

Based on improving the former generation and combined with foreign advanced technology, FLYING series laser marking machine is our new product. Every technical index of the material reaches international level of the same type of product. 

Advantages of FLYING Series

FLYING series laser marking machine adopts the stable laser device and high-speed galvanometer scanning system. Without mechanical moving parts and vulnerable parts, the whole equipment can conduct 24 hours continuous working. And the maintenance-free time can last 20,000 hours. 

●  Adopted with optic transmission or integrated structure, it is suitable and convenient for different production sites; 

●  Without large water cooling system, the unique air-cooling design can reduce the operating and material costs;

●  Without ink and chemical solvent, the work environment is clean and non-pollution;

●  The shell and laser head parts are waterproof, dustproof, antimagnetic and shockproof so as to adapt to the harsh environment.