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Laser Application in Daily Life——Bathroom Ceramics

2014-04-18 280 Back to list

With the improvement of living standard, people's demand for material standard of living is improved too. Many people are increasingly seeking personalized in life. Ceramic laser has high efficiency and good effects, which provides a good marking choice for ceramic bathroom products.

How to Implement Color Marking in Ceramics

Laser diffuse reflection (almost total reflection) will appear in ceramics, so the laser absorbency of ceramics is very poor. How to make ceramics absorb laser so as to form a color marking? The method is to apply a ceramic coating on the ceramics. When the temperature reaches 800 ℃, the high energy laser beam interacts with glazed ceramics, the color laser ceramic carbon powder will infiltrate into the glazed ceramics. Therefore, color marking appears.

Color ceramic samples (photo from the network)

Color Ceramic Samples (Photo From the Network)

Two Kinds of Color Ceramics Technologies

There are two kinds of color ceramics technologies commonly used at present, laser coating and laser flower paper. Laser coating is colored powder. The technical process is to use airbrush to spray coating powder on the ceramic surfaces uniformly firstly, and then complete by laser marking. However, the operation of laser flower paper is more complex than laser coating. First, soaking the laser flower paper in water, then stick it to ceramic surfaces when it falls out. After about five minutes, marking with laser.

Features of Laser Color Ceramic Marking

●With computer-assisted cartography, it can make all kinds of texts and graphics;

●Standard font, rich style, fast pattern formation;

●With fiber transmission and portable design, the laser equipment has high efficiency and convenience in working;

●With beautiful, precision, permanent marking, it can improve product quality effectively without pollution.

Other Laser Applications in Ceramics

Laser drilling samples in ceramics of HGLASER

Laser drilling samples in ceramics of HGLASER

Laser drilling samples in ceramics of HGLASER

Laser Drilling Samples in Ceramics of HGLASER