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Laser Application in Daily Life——Handwriting

2014-04-21 257 Back to list

As you get used to writing on exercise book with lines, you must feel very not used to writing on plain paper. Or at least there is no easy way to write so neat and flat. Drawing lines on the paper or fold paper for crease will waste time and not achieve the desired results. At this point, the laser pen cap has a chance to show off its stuff.

Laser Pen Cap (Photo From the Network)

How the Laser Cap Works

The design is not the pen itself but in the pen cap, because it is a laser cap. When you pull out the pen cap and set it aside, it will project multiple clear red lasers on the blank paper. So you can write clean and neat handwriting on blank paper without any marks.

Writing Form Adjustable According to Different Demands

With 360-degrees rotation settings, the laser part of the pen cap can move up and down according to the using demand. The height and angle can also be controlled by users easily and the interval between the laser lines can be adjusted to suit the size of letters.

Laser Technology Gets Closer to Daily Life

Laser technology always brings creativity and surprise to human life, not only convenience, but also joy and pleasure, such as some crafts laser marking. These knickknacks get laser closer to human daily life.

Crafts Laser Marking Sample of HGLASER