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How to Choose Laser Marking Machine

2014-06-30 Back to list

Nowadays, laser technology has been widely used in various industries, such as aviation, automobile, etc. Facing with so many laser marking machines, how can we reasonably select laser marking machine?


You Can Follow the Principles Below

●  Laser source has good beam quality, including the stability of mode;

●  Large output power is the key to speed and effect, stable energy ensures an ideal processing result;

●  Laser source should have high reliability, and can work continuously in severe processing environment;

●  Laser source should have good maintainability, fault diagnosis, interlock function and short downtime;

●  Easy operation, clear function of control key, can reject illegal operation, protect the mahine from being damaged;

●  Price is also a considerable factor.


HGLASER Provides Suitable Machine
Based on the above requirements, HGLASER provides you the most suitable laser marking machine.


With compact and portable structure, the fiber laser marking machine of HGLASER has many models to satisfy manufacturers in various industries. Since 2003, China's first fiber laser marking machine was born in HGLASER, we have mastered the core technology of the fiber laser marking.

HGLASER Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Features of HGLASER Fiber Laser Marking Machine

●  International high-quality fiber laser, multiple power laser light source, available for many industries;

●  Fast speed, high efficiency, stable output power, high reliability;

●  Long life, maintenance-free within 100,000 hours, operated in 24 hours and severe working condition;

●  High electro-optic conversion efficiency, little energy coupling loss, less power consumption with just 0.5 KW/Hour;

●  Small and compact size, easy to carry, save production space.


HGLASER Fiber Laser Marking Machine