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HGLASER Traceability System Protects Food Safety

2014-07-01 241 Back to list

In the face of various food safety problems, it is urgent to establish food safety traceability system to improve the quality of Chinese food and earn trust of customers. On June 23, the revised draft of food safety law was submitted to Standing Committee of NPC for review. The new regulation indicates that a food traceability system will be established for food safety.


A mature traceability system is necessary for complete traceability chain. Many laser marking machines of HGLASER are applied to food safety traceability system. The UV laser marking machine is very suitable for HDPE, PE, PP, ABS and PBT these plastic materials. The fiber laser marking machine has good beam mode, stable and reliable system, which is suitable for complex assembly line.

HGLASER Online Laser Marking Machine


As a pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in China, HGLASER is one of the domestic laser companies that applying laser marking system to food safety traceability. The food safety traceability system launched by HGLASER and HGCYBER has been used in many fields of food industry.


The Laser Marking on All Kinds of Food Packaging


Establish food safety traceability system is an important measure and technology-based management system to ensure food safety. As one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China, HGLASER will use the technical advantages and industry experience to promote the development of food safety traceability system, implement the scientization and standardization, ensure the consumers' health effectively, and promote the international market competitiveness of China's food.