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Laser Improves Smart Bicycle Safety

2014-07-03 Back to list

With the increasing urban traffic congestion, bicycle gradually gets people's favor for convenient travel. However, the bicycle safety has become a new concern in the busy traffic jam.


Recent reports say that a Korean company has designed the latest smart bicycle. The bicycle has beautiful arc frame, it can sense weather change relying on the ambient light sensor. Equipped with laser system and optical sensor, the smart bicycle can project laser beam on both sides automatically and mark the safe driving distance on the road, so as to avoid being too near to other vehicles.



Laser Projection from Two Sides of Bicycle (Picture from the Network)


In addition, the bicycle is equipped with GPS to record daily walking routes. The unique magnetic phone base design on handlebar can connect your smartphone with the bicycle to monitor distance, speed and direction. The rearview mirror can detect the rear situation and take photos.