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Four Factors Affect Laser Cutting Precision

2017-02-28 Back to list

Laser cutting machine has been widely used in all kinds of industries. Professionals who specialize in producing and processing laser cutting equipment all know that cutting precision is an important part to determine the machine performance. Today, we will introduce four influence factors for laser cutting precision for newcomers.


The Shape of Laser Beam
Firstly, the shape of laser beam affects cutting precision of metal laser cutting machine. When the laser beam is cone, the cutting gap is cone too. The cut of 0.4mm thickness stainless steel is smaller than 3mm stainless steel under the circumstances. With cone beam, the larger the thickness, the lower the precision, therefore, the greater the cut.

Cutting Display of HGLASER

Laser Accumulation
Secondly, when cone laser beam focus together, the laser cutting precision becomes higher, especially the cutting area, becomes smaller and smaller. Meanwhile, the minimum spot light can reach 0.01mm.

Cutting Display of FARLEY

Different Materials
Thirdly, different materials have different cutting accuracy. Even the same material, different composition will cause slightly different accuracy. Therefore, workpiece materials have some effect on laser cutting precision.

Workbench Precision
Fourthly, unbalanced workbench precision and other reasons may cause low precision cutting effect.

HGLASER Workbench