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Automobile Industry

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Series Introduction

As the first laser equipment manufacturer and solution provider famous for automobile manufacturing laser equipment, FARLEY•LASERLAB is committed to serving for automobile manufacturing. FARLEY•LASERLAB successfully developed automobile BIW laser welding complete equipment, automobile tailpipe laser welding production line, automobile airbag panel laser weakening machine, automobile airbag inner laser welding machine, automobile gear shifting set laser automatic cutting machine, automobile gear laser welding machine, automobile tire laser cutting machine, etc. The quality and technical indicators all have reached the national advanced level.

Application Area

Auto industry, auto machine, auto parts, car white body, automotive airbag, auto gear, auto different thickness plates, auto tailpipe, auto trunk, auto gear shifting set, auto bumper, auto roof side door, etc.


1. HGLASER is responsible for installing equipments, debugging and training technical personnel for customers;
2. The service network of HGLASER throughout the country, any problems of customers would get response within 8 hours, and be solved within 24 hours;
3. HGLASER provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. HGLASER provides first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service to customers.



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