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BF series Laser Bevel Cutting Machine

It is designed in elevated gantry structure and possess the characteristics of stable structure, high rigidity and high speed.Integral welded structure bed: the beam is processed by multiple ageing treatments, and has high dynamic response. It is equipped with high-precision and high-efficiency structure system in transmission part, which has good rigidity and high precision, ensuring long-term high-precision operation of the equipment.High precision: Bevel accuracy range is±0.5mm

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High precision: Bevel accuracy range is±0.5mm

High capacity: One-step shaping is done by cutting polygonal bevel

High quality: It’s noting difficult for bright cut

Independent R&D Fiber laser machine : Strong cutting and high efficiency, special laser cutting control system cooperatively developed with CNC system, which is a high-end high-tech fiber laser bevel cutting machine integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology and other advanced technologies .