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CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Series Introduction

Integrate with advanced galvanometer laser marking technology and imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser, the online laser marking machine has flexible structure, fast speed, high security, high efficiency, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, etc. 

Product Advantage

Precision Marking Effect

With imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser, it has stable performance, high repeat accuracy and position accuracy, 100% positive feedback.

Long Service Life

Over 40,000 hours long lifespan, operated in 24 hours, suitable for mass production.

Environmental Protection

Won’t produce any chemical substances that harmful to human body and environment.

Easy Operation

Powerful marking software, friendly man-machine dialogue interface

Sample Display

Application Area

Medicine, tobacco, food and drink package, alcohol, dairy products, clothing accessories, leather, electronic components, chemical building materials, etc.

1.HGLASER is responsible for installing equipments, debugging and training technical personnel for customers;
2.The service network of HGLASER throughout the country, any problems of customers would get response within 8 hours, and be solved within 24 hours;
3.HGLASER provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. HGLASER provides first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service to customers.



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