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High Power Laser Cutting Machine

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Series Introduction

The DF series and GF series fiber laser cutting machine of FARLEY•LASERLAB have leading technology, possess many national patents, and win authoritative technology awards. The powerful cutting ability, fast cutting speed and superior stability are the key to success of FARLEY•LASERLAB.

Product Advantage

Fast Cutting Speed

Fast cutting speed improves cutting efficiency, and the fastest cutting speed of 1mm plate can reach 60m/min.

Fast-speed Exchange Worktable

Double worktables exchange simultaneously, stable, reliable and efficient transmission, exchange time within 8 seconds.

New CNC System

Introduce Siemens CNC system and servo motor, integrate self-developed Laserlab-Sim special laser cutting operation system.

Stable Machine Tool Structure

Gantry structure, bilateral drive, stable structure, good rigidity, rapid dynamic response

Sample Display

Application Area

Automobile industry, sheet metal processing, aviation, pressure containers, military industry, metallurgy, petroleum, machineries, etc.

1. HGLASER is responsible for installing equipments, debugging and training technical personnel for customers;
2. The service network of HGLASER throughout the country, any problems of customers would get response within 8 hours, and be solved within 24 hours;
3. HGLASER provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. HGLASER provides first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service to customers.



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