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Tobacco Industry

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Series Introduction

HGLASER developed series laser equipments for thin materials micro-hole processing, especially the laser drilling machine in tobacco industry. The successful development has broken the high price monopoly of foreign companies in Chinese market, and made great contributions for the progress of Chinese enterprises.

Product Advantage

Intellectual Property Patent Technology

Adopted with own intellectual property patented technology, it can automatically complete winding and removing of waste paper, rolling, changing and winding of paper core, so as to reduce the worker labor intensity.

Fast Acceleration

Without preheating, reach rated speed within 0.4s, machine comes to steady state immediately.

High Safety

With high security and reliable interlocking protection function, it can automatically interrupt the current operation and indicate alarm for machine failure or misoperation.


Can accomplish double-station two-row or single-station four-row drilling, the arbitrary combination of multiple focusing head can also accomplish single-station six-row or eight-row drilling.

Sample Display

Application Area

Tobacco industry and tipping paper drilling.

1. HGLASER is responsible for installing equipments, debugging and training technical personnel for customers;
2. The service network of HGLASER throughout the country, any problems of customers would get response within 8 hours, and be solved within 24 hours;
3. HGLASER provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. HGLASER provides first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service to customers.



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